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i have a fosgate amp that is bridged right now and only stable at 4 ohms. the question is, should i buy a new amp that is stable all the way down to 1 ohm? my friend says that this will strain the alternator a whole lot and that getting another amp stable at 4 ohms with a lot of wattage is better. what do you peeps think? keep in mind that i don't have nuff money to upgrade my alternator, but would still like heavy bass.

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well, one amp or two, 1 ohm or 4.. none of that matters as far as total current draw.
the amount of wattage total, and the class of amplifier (A/B or D) is what will determine your current demand from the alternator.

current is measured in amperes
voltage is fixed (say, 12.5 or 13.8VDC)
and watts = volts * amperes, plus power lost to inefficiency (60% for class AB, and 80% for class D are the average efficiencies.. that means a class AB loses 40%, and class D 20% to things like heat)
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