500:1 & 12W7 settings help


Purchased a 12W7 in a prowedge enclosure and a 500:1 amp to drive it.
Installed in a 1997 Tahoe (105) amp stock alternator at 14.1 volts
Required FUSE needed for both amps together
listed below a help as well.

The SUB cuts out frequently as if a loss of power/connection?
JL amp remote is not hooked up live, son says it has a sensor activation off the other amp ?

#1 JL AMP 500:1 is fed out of a (4) gauge distriubtion block with (8) gauge powering the JL 12W7
#2 Elevation 320 AMP is fed from the same distribution block with (8) gauge off the (4) gauge to power my Elevation Concert Comps.
Both amps are grounded at the same rear seat mount.

What should all the JL AMP settings be to drive that 12W7 soley as it was bought to do.
HP LP INPUT, gain etc.

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your problem is probably the fact that your trying to run that amp off 8 gauge wire and its not getting enough current..try running it off the 4 gauge to see how that works out

Well I thought that might be a issue but the JL dealer said to split it with a distribution block(8) gauge out to each amp so thats what we did.
Kid thinks the JL amp isnt reading the remote signal off the other and is going to wire it hot with the other one. Throws down some pretty good thunder when it does activate though !!

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i had a 300/2 that was doing that and i also had 8AWG comming out of a distribution block (but had 0/1 going into the block). changed the 8 to 4, never had a problem sense
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