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COMP98 and other from the group buyComp9818
Trying to fit a 10" kenwood in a jeep wranglerShayan Simantob1
Cuft Need Specs. On Re Sx 12 Boxscott DeBaker5
How much 4 termlab softwearscott DeBaker10
2 x 10" vs 2 x 12"craig b5
Whats the best box for RE?Brian Woodard2
A type r taking 2200 watts rms?MuddyWaters14
Hard decisonChris Engarde4
Question about using 2 subs?Isaac W.2
4 Ohm on a subwoofer vs 2 Ohm Eddie Arambula7
Infinity Kappa Perfect SPLEddie Arambula3
Rockford Fosgate T112D2 POWER or Alpine Type-RAlan Ledbetter3
Rate my systemChris Person8
Amp for one 8" W0?Michael Cazayoux1
Amp for one 8" W0?Michael Cazayoux1
Rockford Fosgate T112D2 vs Alpine Type-R Chris Engarde1
Best sq and spl for <$300Jake Hill5
Help on finding 2 15" Q-Logic boxes..portedMike Ucci1
RE sx or Type R??Mike Jones4
Somebody shoot me...Joe Smoe13
SX15 and RE 12.1 ComparisonMike Jones1
Would the kicker 600.1 push these.James Longo2
Alpine SWR 1242 DPhilip7
KickerKx600.1 with KickerL5 12" Chris Person2
2 15" Kickers vs 5 12" Infinitys?eddy gilbert8
Audiobahn AW1206T Subwoofer or Rockford Fosgate T112D2 rebel10
Is a 30hz port tune on a sub w/31hz Fs not a good idea?GlassWolf17
RE SE vs MTX 8500Doug Zator2
Rockford Fosgate joe sbrizzi5
Alpine SWR-1242D sub vs kicker solabaric L5 Rovin4
Line Output Converters???Invictuz3
Quick question about sealed enclosure and my subseddy gilbert8
Amp and sub setupjake papa2
Mutant X/\/\ike2
Subwoofer setuprob preg7
What is the RE SX subComp982
Audiobahn AW1206T SubChris Engarde7
Getting Kinda Frustrated......MuddyWaters25
Sx 12 vs 2 12 type r?MuddyWaters12
My pics finallyBrian Woodard5
Amp Suggestion For 2 12i½ Pioneer TS-W306DVC - 400RMSscuba steve2
Any good websites to dowload?GlassWolf20
New system for 98 Accord - Comp Sub vs Powered Subscuba steve4
JL Audio W3v2 vs Image Dynamics IDQJonathan14
Idmax vs. brahmaStevie doo5
Re xmx is this a nother sub from rekillerzracing711
More Bassrebel5
How do u figure out how loud ur system is DB. rebel5
Audiobahn AW1206T Sub or Audiobahn Alum12Nrebel4
Does it have to be???Brandon2
Treo SSX 15 Challenge RE XXX 15Land6
Which amp? (sorry, not gettin any responses on the amp forum)scuba steve13
Single and dual voice coils?scuba steve2
Hey zac....found some1 w/ 180+ (not team loud)sean7
RE re?Chris Person21
Hey zac davisTrevor Eaton1
Port ?Rovin2
What speakers to get for an SUV?bigdaddiebrad6
ASCENDANT AUDIORichard Hassler19
Sound deadening in a sub box?hondarider9
Subs that can hit 150+ Db off this amp!!!James Longo36
Does anyone know how much does a DD 9100 12" sub costMuddyWaters18
What would you do???Isaac4
What subwoofer set up would go?Robert11
2 New cerwin vega v-maxsAudionoob1318
Dual 2 OHM means?killerzracing716
Mercedes Benz C320 Coupemikechec93
Sx, how much xmax?Trevor Eaton5
Picking a schoolnocc1n3
XXX or MTRichard Hassler8
How do they compare?rebel2
Amp and subs for under 800?rebel2
Type R subs - good sound quality ???rebel8
Kicker comp c12 8ohmdustin pettit3
Anyone have an elevation audio pro, or heard them...rob preg1
New Brahma Pic?Joe Smoe6
Sensitivity????Joe Smoe3
Kicker comp c12 8ohmedward ramirez1
How Loud Must It Be???nocc1n10
NEW RE X.X.X.MuddyWaters42
Telling DBrebel8
Cost of JL Audio w3srebel5
Wired Subs Wrong???Brad Bell2
How to Charge Cap?Josh Sharpe4
Heard diamond audiojosh jenkins2
SX12 vs. Current XXX12Quick Shot2
Well, world finals is over, Nobaody broght the promised 180db but...Oso43
Pioneer deh-p770mpmatt thigpen4
Check this out - New XXX???Adam4
Alternator!Chris Person4
Kicker L5 vs Kicker L7rebel4
RE MT dB scores? Anyone please?rebel9
Need some helprebel4
Anyone have any experience with the alumapro BP seriesrob preg3
Loose polyfil for Subwoofer Box EnclosureRAY1
Need advice isaacjosh jenkins29
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