Please help me in choosing speakers/sub and amp(s) for my new wrx :)


hi all, i am new to this and need some direction!! the stock audio in my new wrx is just plain useless. i have started on the upgrade path with a pioneer DEH-P8500MP hu. what a difference that made. however, what i need help with now is choosing front and rear speakers, a sub and an amp(s) to drive it all. would like to not spend more than 1k (ebay) for the rest. any suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated. i'm more into sound quality than waking up the block, but i would like plenty of good clean bass and plenty of clean volume with crisp highend and solid mid and low-range.

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hmm well i would say given the amount you plan to spend then you can certainly get everything you want and then some.
in my opinion i would get an amplified bazooka 10" tube for the low end.
then as for the other speakers running full range and your new deck should provide plenty of power to run them and i would use something like infinity, sony or polk for good full range sound.
i would say you can easily get a pair for your front and back and the bazooka all for around 500 although you may need some spacers to get after market speakers to fit in your door possibly.
but id say you can easily spend half of what you plan and youd be very suprised to the quality and possibly how much of the block will hear you.

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If I were you, go to Ebay and have a look at the speakers and subs that you want. Note it down and then post it here and let us know the choices and we'll help you decide. That way, we'll know whats available.

We could recommend, but we'd have to go into ebay ourselves, and I'd wish I could shop with that dough!!

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If you want to stay with the stock speaker sizes in the front and rear, Just get a good set of components for the front, and some good coaxils for the rear. I like diamond audio for the price 400$ for a set of 6 1/2 s that are as good or if not beter then boston Z 1000$ or MB the q line 700$ then you pick up a set of rear fade speakers prob 6x9 in your car. Amp them with a nice Jl 250/2 amp and your mids and highs will sound great. as far as subs for the money I think 2 10 in alpine type rs with a jl 500/1 mono amp and you have a great system to go with a great car.
1)components 400$
2)rear speakers 100$- 200$
3) amp for highs 300$
4) subs alpine type r 10 100$ for1 200$
5) sub amp jl 500/1 450$
I now thats a little more then you wanted to spend but you can probly go on ebay an find some of the stuf for less. It would be well worth it, and if you want more base get 12, that 500/1 will be plenty for them.

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How would you modify ur wrx to get 6X9in. speakers in the back? I'm only asking this because i just got a pair and i'm hoping someone will give me a link 4 some directions or help in general
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