Tough decision for first setup, earth shattering bass


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Im gettin an 89 blazer which has enourmous room for a big sytem.

I want people to think theres an earthquake happenin when i pass by there house, please post opinions or better setup ideas and money isnt really a problem Thanks.

3 Kicker Solo X 12's w/ 3 Kicker 2500.1 Amps
2 Kicker Solo X 18's w/ 3 Kicker 2500.1 Amps

3 MTX 9500 12's w/ 2 Kicker 2500.1 Amps
2 MTX 9500 15's w/ 2 Kicker 2500.1 Amps

Everything else is already picked out (deck,tweets, etc...)


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3 Re MT 15's with 3 kicker 2500.1 amps
Anything from DD 9500 series
Anything from OZ Audio's Power Series


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destroyer... im just taking a wild guess. but im guessing you have no idea what your talking about. do you know that beyond the subs and amps your going to need about 3 grand more... proly a lot more than that. with 7500w rms of power your going to need twin 300A alternators with a bracket. and like 4 yellowtop batteries(probably more). like a 20F cap. multiple runs of 0ga wire. your going to have to replace windows and windshields most likely. your going to need an extremely sturdy box.
oh and actually probably about 10grand for surgery when ur ear are bleeding. you just dont understand that 1 MT 15 with a 2500.1 will be soooo loud. save the money. just do that. or actually 2 DD 9500 15s with a 2500.1 will be louder i think.

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He said money is no object, so i guess he can afford it

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yah but your ears are an object. 1 MT with proper power will be plenty loud for most people.
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