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I just got my new system in and it rattles my trunk big time. I know that dynamat helps, but is there anything else that would work better?

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inspecting exaclty where the noise is coming from can help... for example.. if its up in some cravis that dynamat cant go then you can shove anything you want up there lol as long as it doesnt look tacky... actually i guess in that case the foam stuff would work good because it can fit in tight places bu i dont remember what its called.

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There was this product that someone told me about in the topic that I started called "Dynamat." He said it was only about 13 bucks a roll and you can get it at home depot/lowes. He said it was called Peel n' Seel, but I'm not sure how good it works.

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Expanding spray foam is your friend. Fill your trunk lid with it - just make sure you don't need to get at some wiring inside the lid later, or you'll have a fun job on your hands.

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so on a temporary car cause im drivin my grandmas now and in april i get my sis's so untill then whats a product i can apply and take off easy

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I don't think that there is any product out there that you can apply to remove trunk vibrations and then install it on another car later. Perhaps there is, and if there is, would someone let us know??

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i would get that stuff that expands quicky and comes in a spray can. tighten all the nuts and screws every where then fill in all the little places where and large spaces and the make sure every thing moves freely then trim it nad cut off exsess and put carpet or sumthin over it. i think it might work with fiberglass. im going to do that with my rear van doors, they rattle really really bad because some minor rust damage. my 6x9's vibrate them really bad. i dont have my subs in yet but i can imagine it if i did.

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Im having the same problem. AFTER I dynamatted. there is spray foam you can get done but just to get my trunk lid done I was looking at like $125.

The main advice I got on here seemed to be to try and turn the subs from facing the lid towards facing u. I havent tried it yet myself but it seems like it may help.

check your trunk latch on the bottom of the trunk lip. try taking it off and flip it around to get a better close on the trunk.

mine looks like this from the side /| so i flipped it to |\ now it grabs on the right side that is lower.
some cars will only work one way

(mines basically a straight piece of metal, nothing bent, curvy or fancy)
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