IDQ 12" subs w/ 600 watts or 300?


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I'm about to pickup an IDQ 12" sub, but I'm having trouble deciding how many ohms to buy.

I'm only going to have a single, probably not two.. but my amp is a bit on the big side for this sub. I have a 600 watt Xtant monoblock amp. (600 watts @ 2 ohms, or 300 watts @ 4ohms)

So the question is, should I get the 4 ohm DVC version (which would run @ 2 ohms and get 600 watts) or the 2 ohm DVC version (which would run @ 4 ohms, and get only 300 watts).

They used to say the IDQ's could handle 350 watts RMS. They've changed their website now (yesterday) to say that they can handle 100-500 watts RMS.

Will it be a problem to give one of those things 600 watts? I'm not a bass hound, it's a pure SQ setup, and I'm going to run it in a smallish sealed box (.75 cuft approx). Am I likely to damage it, or am I okay as long as I listen within reason?

If I do overpower it, how do I avoid doing damage? Can you hear in the sound when it approaches it's limits? Or is it just a heat dissipation problem?

The reason I ask is I have a line on a 4ohm DVC version pretty cheap. So I could spend more and go 2ohm if I'm just going to blow it up..

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In a sealed encluse, you should be fine w/ 600 w on the Dual 4ohm. Especially sealed. Never hurts to have a little headroom.

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I guess you can always roll back the power a bit either with the gains, or the level control.

I should probably pickup the remote level control for my amp, I think...
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