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I recently added a second battery in the trunk of my car which i hooked up to the battery in the engine compartment. its an optima red top battery. does this actually help my system at all or is it pointless. or if it is should i just put it in the engine compartment and replace the stock battery with it? let me know asap. thanks
mike a matter of fact I just got into an argument with a few people about this. A second battery WILL NOT help your system. All it will do is make your battery last twice as long when you are parked listening to your music. If your lights dim when you crank up your tunes, then you can add a capacitor or batcap to it to help the amplifier get the current it needs without sucking down your battery.

so then do you recomend that i just replace my batery in the engine with the optima red top i have in my trunk. then just have one batter

Chris Ritzville
I don't know what you should do with it but don't use an optima. They are crap. Everyone I know that used an optima (especially a red top) didn't like them. They lose there charge and develope shorts.
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