Light suppose to come on? xplode 1200 watt amp


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nice board you guys have here, hopefully i'll be able to help as well as recieve help (like in this case ;)). anyways, i'm working on an older truck trying to wire in the amp. i ran the power last night with the fuse block and all, found a hole in the firewall, its all ran...power works in the car still, too! :-) okay, so i take the remote start wire (ATT?) and touch it to the back of the amp as well as the power and the ground--everything seems right. i start the car but the light on the amp doesn't work. does this sound right? what more do i have to do to get this amp to start? lol

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yes, the remote start wire is generally a blue wire from the back of yer HU. make sure yer amp has a good ground, like all the paint is scraped off and its tightened well.

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i should be able to just run it without the blue wire, its just that the amp won't shut off when the radio goes off right? i'm just trying to find out what the problem is here or if i have a defective amp. :-(

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without the remote wire hooked up the amp shouldn't turn on at all.

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ATT is attenuate, for cell phone muting.
you want the REM or PWR ANT wire. if its a sony, it's REM, and usually blue with white trace, or solid blue..

the REM line on the amp tells the amplifier when to turn on. without it, the amp stays off.

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ok, i have a 0.3amp amp rem and 1amp rem...what to use? heh, thanks.
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