Power wires and RCA cables


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Ive heard that the quality of power wires and RCA cables doesnt matter and then ive heard that the quality really does. Does anyone know the truth?

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power cable mainly depends on the gauge of the cable for current capacity, however, the more strands the better, since electrons travel around the outside of each strand.
for RCAs, you want them to be well constructed, and well shielded, preferably of the twisted pair variety to reject noise.

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glasswolf is 100% correct and also since the underhood enviroment is a very extreme enviroment of heat and moisture make sure you have very clean tight connection and make as few connection especially in the power wire as possible.
make sure you use a good copper wire regardless of brand it really should be pure copper or 99.5% or higher.
if you can find a wire rating look for a SXL or SGX rated wire since it is approved for automotive use under the hood where 1/3 of your power wire will be.
alsoa good preventive measure to not induct any noise would be to not run your power wire and your rca's down the same side of the car.
i typically run power/rem on wire down one side of the car and rca's and any signal cables (sound processors, cd changer) down the other side and while high quality components are less suceptible to noise problems its just a good idea to keep everything simple.
i wouldnt worry about some companies who try and say you need 24k gold or anything like that and brass does just as good a job as a conductor as well as resistant to corrosion.
the main things you want are low noise (twisted) in rca's and a good conductor and insulation jacket in a power wire anything else or other claims are just a gimmick to charge more.
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