2ohm HELP!!!!!


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Im really new at this and I had a question..Seeing that you guys really know what your talking about...I have a Audiobahn 8000t amp and a Visonik V123BP Bandpass Box that handles 600watts RMS...I was just wondering how would I hook the sub to a 2ohm load on the amp to get the full power????

Like I said Im really new at this so any help would be greatly appriciated, thanx...

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It'll depend on your subs. How many do you have in the box? 1 or 2? Is/are they DVC or SVC?
4ohms DVC = 8ohms, 4ohms and 1ohm possible configurations. 2ohms DVC = 8ohms, 2ohms and .5ohms.

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http://www.crutchfield.com/cgi-bin/ProdView.asp?g=510&id=essential _info&i=028V123BP

2 12' subs in a sealed box, 4ohm and they each have seperate conn, so they can be wired to 2ohm from what i understand...The link above is directly to them...

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Will hooking up both positive connections from the subs to the positive connection on the amp, and both negative connections on the subs to the negative connection on the amp give me 2ohms??

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all you do is sum the wires together: combine positive leads, and combine negative leads and plug into amp.
In doing this with yer amp yer gunna end up giving each woofer 400W RMS.

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cool, i got it thanx guys..
The only thing is that my trunk rattles like a mofo, i have a 2000 mitsu galant..800watts you really dont feel it outside, but my trunk sure rattles crazy...I might think of some bass matting or something for the trunk,,,

Thanx again..!!

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Unless they male them in two different styles those Visoniks are 6ohm.They have really came down.Wheni bought my MA Audios they were like $125 for one.
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