Custom Built Box? Questions on subs??


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Ok.. I'm trying to find someone online, or locally, to build a custom box for my 1999 Firebird. I want the box(s) to fit inside the hatch, and extend (or a seperate box) to take up the space where my back seats used to be. I was thinking about going with L7's, anyone recomend/not recomend that? I know I can fit three 10's in a sealed box for the hatch storage area, and it'd be 1.0 sq feet each...Would this, or having a ported box with one 12 be better? (would be 2.2 cu feet) (Talking SPL here). Also, have quite a bit of space where the back seats used to be, as well as over the hump in the car where the gas tank is underneath (before the cargo area under the hatch). Not sure how many cubic feet, but what would be some good recommendations? I was thinking I would probably end up with 4-6 12"s, or 7-10 10"s.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Before anyone brings up the fact - Yes, I have a HO alternator, and will probably put a 2nd where the battery is now, and have 1 red top / 2 yellow tops in the back).

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SPL speaking, would going with 3 10's, or 2 12's be better? Also, Exactly what model of eclipse TI are people so fond of? And is it better than a pair of W7's? Or a few L7's?

How about RE XXX's? I've never heard one, or heard of one before joining these boards, same with brahma.. Enough new stuff here to make my head spin.

How much louder is ported than sealed? from a dB viewpoint, anyways. :-)


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id just get 3 10's and everyone like the regular ti lol...the ti pro is like very expensive
ported louder... i will give u a design for whatever kind of box for 5 dollars.
Great deal very detailed

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Why don't you do (4) JL 8W7's? Put them in a VERY SMALL sealed enclosure, and have an angled box built for that wierd storage area in the camaros. (atleast I think I am thinking of the right design in your car - something like the 3rd gens right?) Anyway, if you had an angled box you could have it facing straight up.

I know a guy that had (6)JL 8W7's (or W6's - dont remember). Either way, it hit so hard and tight. I don't think I have ever sat in a car that took away my breath so bad before in my life! It wasn't like SPL comp burping bass either, it was TIGHT and really hit you in the chest. I can't really explain it any other way. It was probably the best sounding sub setup I have ever heard though!
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