You can only get so loud...


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I began my journey into the world of car audio about 6 months ago. I loved the heart pounding, ear splitting, gut rattling power of my friends' systems. I envied them, wanting my own someday. So, I ventured out looking for stuff to do this. I have noticed that slowly from that first day i ventured into it, until now, my desire for sound QUALITY being more and more prevalent. Sure, I like to have a kick in the chest when I want but sound quality is a must for any "music fanatic". People who are just starting out wanting pure SPL should be warned. Sure, it is great, I still love loud systems. But ask yourself this, would you rather go deaf, annoy the hell out of people, and get migraines all to impress and show off your car? Maybe you should consider going to more SQ setups. It might not be your thing right now, but soon after, and DEFINATELY later on in life you will want to turn off the Solo X's and round up some RE's or the liking. Just something to consider.

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haha sounds like what happend to me

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I agree with the SQ set-up also. What do you think about the older (2001) mb quart premium subs?? Or the older Pheonix gold amps for SQ?? I heard that PG and MBQ made good SQ stuff. What do you guys think??

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ppi art series is one of the cleanest and crisp amps ever made....that would be what i ran if i was looking for s.q.....and the IDmax would be my first choice of subwoofer.

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Thanks for the advice Rob.

Where does MBQ and PG fit in??

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mb quart is clean sounding...PG isnt the best but ya know..
Lol chris i started out that way to...hearing this guy burp 1 15 inch american bass vfl at 10000 watts for 5 seconds man got me hooked on spl...until ya know i really sat down and thought about it. Now i love sql lol. Not 2 loud but very clear

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I guess I skipped the spl stage (fortunately), but then again I still don't have anything to prove it...

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"You can only get so loud..."

No you can't! It just depends on how much money you have ;)

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or just have both by getting a really good sub and have great sq while being very loud.

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Well... yah you can only get so loud... there are limits, or millionaire's would be breaking the record all the time.

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How many care though....
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