Lower cost alternative to JL Audio 1000/1?


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I'm pretty close to just buying a 1000/1, but having a hard time justifying the $600+ price tag. I'll be powering a type-x 12" (which I have to buy also).

I originally had a type-x 10" pushed with an Audiobahn 8000t. The 10" went bad on me (rattling sound coming from within the cone). I don't know exactly what happened, but I'm suspecting it was underpowered (clipping?)

So I want something with clean & efficient power. But before I fork out $600+ dollars (ouch!) on one amp, I wanted to get some opinions on what is a close runner-up to the JL, with a more attractive price tag.

Open to suggestions. Thanks.

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eD NINE is supposed to be good...$350
900rms at 2ohms thats enough for a Type X

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mabey a kicker sx 1250.1, that 1250 watts @ 2ohm but that mabey a little too much for a type-x.

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I dont know how many RMS that type-x is, but I would say the JL e1800D, 800 watts RMS @ 2 ohms with a 12V power supply, or 1000 watts RMS @ 2 ohms with 14.4V supply.

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Thanks for the feedback. I hadn't heard of Elemental Design before. The NINe.1, sounds interesting. They have some inventory back order problems, but I contacted them through ebay to find out if they have them in stock. They seem to pride themselves on being old school...I like that. I'll read up on them more.

That Kicker is powerful, but for the price, I'd stick with 1000/1.

I never looked into the JL "e" series. I didn't know they had pretty comparable alternatives to the 1000/1. For about half the price, the e1800D sounds good. With the small alternator I have, I'll never draw a true 1000w, so I'm looking for something with efficient circuitry. Do you happen to know if the "e" series are known for being efficient? I guess, that's part of the reason why I'm considering paying a premium for the 1000/1.

My battery is in the rear of the car, so I already upgraded my alternator line from the engine to the battery w/ 4 gauge (thinking about maybe even going to 2 gauge). Lights off, A/C off, top-down...I'm hoping I can muster a modest but clean 600-700w RMS. With a 70amp altenator in a Miata is this realistic?

600w @ 14.4v = 42amps (at 70% efficiency closer to 65amp)

With a 2 farad cap I'm hoping I can keep a large enough buffer to peak to 700w on ocassion.

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Any other feedback folks?

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how does the eD 9 compare to the orion 1200d which is $430?

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Well, I still went with JL, but I went with less.

Went a whole different route altogether and ended up buying a 500/1 with a 12W6v2.

Thanks for the input anyway!

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the jbl BPx1100.1 is exacly the sam as the jl putting out 1100rms at any impedancy and you can get it new for like 400 shipped off of ebay if you look at the right time.

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more like $600 + shipping on ebay...odd wattage ratings

1141 watts RMS x 1 channel at 4 ohms
334 watts RMS x 2 channel at 4 ohms
1022 watts RMS x 1 channel at 1 ohm
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