Are type x's much better than type r's


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Just like the topic says, I was wondering how much better type x's are than type r's. I have two 12 inch type r's, but have been offered two type x's for 250 each. Of course i would have to get another mrd-m1005, one for each. Would there be a big improvement you think, or not worth another thousand dollars.

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I wouldn't run 2 Type Xs on a single mrd-m1005 anyway. The type x say they are 500-1000 wrms, I would give them more like 1000 wrms a peice. Type Xs have great SQ. I am not sure what other people think about them, but I like them.

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well i was just running 2 12" of the new type r's with the mrd m1001 in a small sealed enclosure .. pounded pretty good.. i just bought 2 12" type x's and threw 1 in the box i was using for the r's since i only have the power for 1 right now.. and man does it hit id say just as hard as the r's if not harder.. with 1!.. cant imagine when i get them both hooked up in ported enclosures.. and yes the sq is awesome as well , i did notice a bit of sq improvment from the r's to the x's

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Mark S - Thanks for the info. My 10" Type-X just died on still works, but kinda rattles from within the cone itself. I don't know what happen to it, but I'm suspecting that it was clipped to death with my Audiobahn 8000T. (I thought clipping was audible...isn't it...?)

Anyway, I'm pretty close to deciding to just bite the bullet and pick up a JL 1000/1 that I've been eyeballing on ebay. As far as cost, space, and power requirements, I was debating between two 10" type-r's, or one 10" type-x. I was curious if two type-r's would give me more than one type-x.

So, if one type-x is the same or better than two type-r's...I'll stick with it. Hell...maybe even go with a 12" if I can design a box to fit my Miata!
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