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I have a sony Xplode Headunit going to two 300W BOSE Amps, each powering it's own 400W AudioBahn.

When I shut off the car, the Amps stay on, and nuke my battery. Upon further investigation, I discovered that my remote wire had been unplugged. I dont know where to put this wire, or exactly how it works, but I belive it is my problem as it cannot tell the amps to shut off.

Does anyone know about the xplode headunit, and where I should plug the wire?

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There must be another cause. If your remote wire from the hu was unplugged the amps would not turn on. what do you have plugged into the rem input on the amps

The empty rem wire.

The amps still turn on whenever I connect their power to the battery.

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Do you have it hooked up through the RCA inputs or the high-level speaker wire inputs?

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My amps are hooked to my headunit via RCA.

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Ah, that rules out the possibility I was thinking of.

Is the remote input of the amplifier hooked up to the blue and white striped wire coming from the headunit?


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The remote wire is hooked up to nothing. I have no idea what Blue and White wire you are referring to.

I simply need to know where to plug my remote wire into the headunit. The only thing coming from the headunit to the amps now are the RCA cables.

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"I have no idea what Blue and White wire you are referring to. "

Then that's the problem. There should be a blue wire w/white stripe in the wiring harness coming from the back of the unit.

It sounds like you have your remote wire from the amp hooked up to a power wire.

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Either that or the relay in the amp is stuck in the closed position.

It's a pretty basic circuit. The AMP has the RCA leads, full time hot, ground, and remote. The remote from the head unit provide a voltage signal to the amp. This voltage signal closes a relay. Once that relay is closed, the full time hot is then sent into the amp.
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