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So, I'm looking to get a system for my altima and I really dont know squat about systems. Currently I'm doing my research and asking friends around but I thought this would be smarter so here I go. So if you guys and gals can comment on my price and product that would be great.

My budget is around 2 G's and I've been looking at some JLs and head unit my friend recommended Eclipse for the head unit so gots to start searching...

But here is the breakdown of what I got for a estimate today:

Pioneer 8600MP head: $359
JL audio 500/1 AMP: $349
JL audio 300/4 AMP: $299
6.5 JL audio 650 CSI:$259
6.9 JL audio 3 ways: $189
12" JL audio W6 V2: $249
Total: $1704
they said they would do labor+cables+kit+harness+cap all for 300 to make it 2000 dollars, is taht a good deal???

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The gear looks ok but you could save over $300. buying onLine.
Should also get a 860 not an 8600.

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hmmmm it seems as if you have your priorities wrong-- with 2g's buying speakers and amps to power them is kinda crazy i think--i would buy some component speakers for that 500/1- throw out that 300/4 its basically worthless-- then buy more than 1 sub-- believe me you would love to ahve mroe than 1 sub- also with 2 g's see if they could make u a custom box-- they should be able to and it would probably allow for u to get 3 subs-- i mean very nice subs-- i know they are recommended a lot on this site and jl is a good brand-- but it all depends on what sound u want-- dotn just buy for the name becasue i ahve had jl's and not liked the fact taht they didnt go bump i nthe night-- they sounded too clear-- but nonetheless can bang

component's-- rainbows?
subs- i mean anything goes with 2 g's-- re, dd, jl. basically ur decision, i mean u said ur new so jl is bascially like buying sony for every other product- its pure name and money-- go with a 100/1 amp too if ur sticking with jl
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