Infinity vs. mb quart


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infinity won!!

mb quart rwe302

infinity reference (old two tone ones)

ive beat those references to hell for over a year
while the mb quart had a total of about an hour playtime between days
i also notice that the only two subs ive blown were in a bandpass box. and thats just not accurate enough
now that my plans for upgrade has progressed im wondering if the kappa perfects can take the beating ive given their reference subs
sometimes you can hear them smack the bottom and just keep goin

the amp is a kicker 600.1 that wasnt even hot at the time i opened the trunk and found smoke
lol i was ready to pry the amp off with a crowbar
had some winshield washer fluid ready at hand

ok somebody sell me on kappa perfect subs
(i only paid 30$ for the sub)

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Kappa Perfect's are supposed to be OK for their price, but I wouldn't go as far as saying they're as good as their reference series.

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ive heard that the perfects are studio quality subs. i cant picture an improvement upgrading the bang for buck references to the perfects.(even with 50 extra watts) maybe they dont bottom out like the references.
i dont know a shop within 20 miles that has them on display. ive seen video but ive seen polks move a lot with no sound.
maybe somebody with parameter experience can help with this dilemma.

thanks for you reply jake

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i've been running two 12 kappa perfect dvqs for a couple days on the REF1211a amp. they sound great to me. i actually havent listened to many diff types of subs, but im VERY satisfied.

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Kappa Perfects are the better sub (compared to Infinity References). IMO MB Quart subs suck. Granted I'm really not a Quart fan anyway, but I haven't seen a thing from their subs that indicate that they are up to Quart's standards.

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IMO = information much overlooked?

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what do you mean bottom out??

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voice coil smacking the magnet?
maybe the dust cap going in too much?
one of those two.

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IMO is "In my opinion"
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