Help, AMP goes into protection mode right away


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I bought this new amp, and took it to circut city for installation.

Those guys at circut city did all the installation and when they tested it out, they told me following

" Your amp goes right into protection mode, meaning that it goes into that mode to prevent it from burning "

What does this mean ? Is my amp messed up ?

Circut City guys even double checked everything, such as the speaker wires etc..

What can cause my amp to go into protection mode, I just bought the amp ?

Any ideas ?

The amp is Power Acuostic T980-2


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I would never trust BB to do an install for me.

It could be a number of things, it could be a short in the wiring, impedance levels that are too low, not enough current for the amplifier, voltage is too high or too low, temperature too high, a couple more maybe.

If you've checked all of these things, you might just have gotten a bad amp.

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hmm im thinking subs... either impedance is wrong or subs blown? maby unconnected wire in sub box?.. try unconnecting the sub and boot up see if it gos green.. try a different sub maby..
if your subs are good it verry well could be an amp prollem.. maby u should think of getting CC to exercize a warrenty

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CC says that they did all the check.

Subs are working fine, becuase I went home and checked the subs in my different car.

CC says that they double made sure that all speaker wires, temp, everything is cool and correctly wire.

I should be getting my new amp by next week, any ideas why this happen ?

Is it normal for this to happen ?

How else can you tell if you have a bad amp ?

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I would bet money on a garbage instalation by the installers they find in holes on the streets and pay them minimum wage. I would never ever ever ever ever ever (I thing you get my point)let them touch my car.

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CC installation sucks ?
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