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The only thing stopping me from installing my door speakers on my own is removing the manual window handle. I can't seem to get it off without breaking it. Do they just pull straight off, or is there a special tool I need? FYI, I have a 2000 Chevy S10. Thanks y'all.

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heh, I had a simular problem going at my door for the first time, theres either a clip behind it holding it in, if so you will take a flat head screw driver and try to slide it across the back of the handle and push the clip off, its kinda hard to do but if you play around enough youll get it, otherwise on the face of the handle there might be a little cover that you pop off and a screw is behind it, dont break them go easy, and good luck

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Use a rag to get it off instead....figure out which way the clip goes and slid the rag between the door panel and the crank and pull the rag back & forth and it should pop the little clip right off (that way you don't ding up the door panel with a screwdriver)...once you figure out what I'm talking about you'll see just how east it is.
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