Is it lawful for a company to flat out lie to me?


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Ok, I know that there have been quite a few threads in here lately about the Audiobahn A8000T. And that it is a good sounding amp(according to Isaac) but will not nearly put out 800w RMS @ 2 ohms, like is says it will. Well since I have 3 dual 4-ohm subs, I am going to be hooking up a 2.67 load, so I should be getting even less power. So I e-mailed Audiobahn tech and they straight up told me that I would get 700w RMS even at 2.67 ohms! Some people in here were saying that you probably wouldn't even get that at 2 ohms.

I have a feeling they just flat out lied to me and that pisses me off.

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The people you talked to probably haven't even touched one of those amps, maybe have seen the specs and that was it.

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I think you are right Jex, and that is retarded. They should have knowledgable people on their tech support. But even if they did, they probably wouldn't want to admit that their amp was over rated. That's shady if you ask me.

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yeah i have never seen a amp produce what they say it will ether be over rated or under rated but that aint that comman

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I'll call you IW so people won't get confused with me. Some manufacturers will say "800w" but that doesn't mean you will get that amount continuously. Sometimes it's for a limited period of time.
As long as it hits the advertised mark, they will advertise it.
Some companies like Sony/Pyramid/Pyle/Lanzar/Boss will put whatever number they think will attract consumer's eyes.
A8000T/A8002T aren't the greatest amp, but for the amount you pay, it is a good deal. You will not find too many for $140 that can put out decent sound quality.
If you really wanted to measure the power, then get a current meter and monitor it. Take the number x voltage to the amp, and you should get a rough estimate. From my testing, it put out respectable power numbers.
I would rate it better than some Kenwood "1000w" amps.

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i agree with you there isaac concerning the kenwood amps...some being the key word....and i have messed with the audiobahn 8002t i think it was... whatever it was it claimed 800 rms at 2 ohms....all i can say is no way...more like 600 at best

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or the 4000w @ .5Ohm Boss amps...

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In general, you get what you pay for. The more expensive an amp is, usually the more underrated on specs it is.

The other thing to keep in mind is how they are rating the amp. Some rate at 12 volts, some at 13.3 and others at 14.4. At 14.4 volts an amp will put out a lot more wattage than at 12 volts.

I've always wished there was a standard and an organization that upheld it...then consumers would know what they were really buying.

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Yeah alot of companies rate the RMS of their amps at 14.4 volts. But in reality, you are not going to have 14.4 volts most of the time. I too wish there was some kind of standard, that would solve alot of problems.
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