Who knows there subs like back of hand for SPL? Maybe you can help...


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My little brother has a gothic series Power Acoustik 1600w 2-channel amp, and we would like to hear any expert opinions regarding the choice between a pair of Volfenhag ZX-4812's and a pair of Kicker Comp VR 05CVR124 12's. He wants to run his amp at 2ohm, and he's basically curious to know what a professional has to say when comparing both subs. SPL, overall performance, cost efficiency, frequency range, etc. Your knowledgeable input would be greatly appreciated and put to good use!
Open to other suggestions regarding subs within that price range as well. Thanks.

Oh, and thanks, Brandon (DaddyNutSack). We received your input on the last thread... but it got kicked back, so I brought it forward again. Really appreciate your time. Thanks.

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the volfenhags wont work for you because they are dual 4 ohm speakers and youll only be able to run them 1 ohm or 4 ohm bridge......ive never listened to the kicker cvr's but i have the 4812 volfenhags and they sound very nice sq wise and dont need huge boxes to boot plus their excursion is very nice and they can approach respectable db levels......one 4812 has twice the excursion of one 4712 but the 4812 has higher power handling and even better sq....kicker prob can hit just as much in spl as the volfenhag but would prob need a larger box to do so and if i was to guess from my experience with other kicker lines it prob wont match the volfenhag in the sq department ......i know this sounds hard to believe but trust me im 90 percent sure i am correct on this....volfenhag is not as bad as people say they are ...i know ive listened to many car with both the old and the new volfenhag

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Kicker. Kicker. KICKER.

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wat the fu[k

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uhhhhh.... btw... its daddyPHATsack...lol and ur welcome but the kickers would be much better.... lol
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