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Im new at this. I never was interested in speakers until my friends started to get them. So now im looking at them. Ive been interested in Infinity, Kenwood, and other but what he told me was that if i get 6.5 in the front and 6x9 in the back that ill need two amplifiers to support them both is he right?

And also If say i have speakers and the Peak Power Handling 150 watts, RMS Power Range (watts) 75 watts. Would i look for an amplifier that is Double the RMS watts since there are two or would i look for a amplifier that is the same peak power as the speakers. Im sorry fellas if im confusing im confused myself about this


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you wouldnt necessarly need two amps one, 4 channel amp would power all ur speakers, but i wouldnt be worried that much about rear fill, concentrate your budget on getting good components for the front, their better then going with coaxials, im not sure if u have a headunit but i would consider probably getting a aftermarket head unit, alpine headunits are great(the higher end ones), it would make everything sound much better...

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Also, when looking for amp, you want to look for an amp that does about 90% of the RMS rating. This way if the power spikes you'll be able to handle it. So if your speakers are 75watts RMS look for something pushes like 65-70 watts

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Yup, a 4 chanil amp will more than likely work... as long as the speakers have close to the same rms rating, and are the same ohms.
A amp will say what it is rated at what ohm and every thing.

Well say that we have a 4 chanil amp, and you're speakers need 100 watts rms.

You'll need an amp that will say something like this.

50 watts rms x 4 at 4 ohms.
100 watts rms x 4 at 2 ohms.
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