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Mo Hill, California

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What are ur guys top picks for build quality of amps I have a PG 600.1 any good? and imt alking baout amp that can power good qulaity 12's or a sick 15

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my favorite are JL and zapco
others i would consider buying is us amps and xtant or maybe the old XTR series orion amps

i dont really think id ever buy another amp... thats just me though... there are other great amps

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Zapco / Arc Audio / US Amps / JL amps / Xtant / PPI PC and PCX / Orion HCCA and XTR / CrossFire / Earthquake are all good choices for subwoofers.

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Hey MO you always mention the PPI pc and Pcx but you fail to mention the Art series amps which are the best amps that PPI has ever made! If price is no object for a absolute superb SQ amp you really cant touch Sinfoni! US amps, Tru Technology's, Old Orion,Xtant,Old Rockford Fosgate(power series), Old Soundstream(reference series),Zapco, those are just a few great amps:-)

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Phoenix Gold used to make some solid stuff. They(and Orion) were PPI's main competition in the early 90's when it came to cheater(high current) amps. Don't know about their recent stuff. They may have gone the same route as Soundstream.


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not entirely! PG still has there great stuff but they also have their cheap line as well(which is still pretty good), Soundstream took a serious dive they used to be top of the line USA made stuff but ohhh well:-( yeah back in the day PPI(art series) Orion(XTR's) and Phoenix gold were all amazing. I wish they still made amps like those. Some of my favorite amps of all time are the Rockford fosgate power series the power 300,650 and the Huge 1000:-)

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Speaking of power, this is not related but I just bought Ranger VR9000 10m transceiver today. It's suppose to give 10W on AM channel and 21W on SSB. I know it won't mean much to most, but 10w will almost give you 10 mils of transmission!
I connected it to my RF booster, and with 1W input, it gives out 100W output. As I increase the output on the transceiver, the output power jumped to almost 200w! That is like 200 miles of free talk! Now that is power.
The setting on the amp was at "low" position. It still has mid and high. I think it's going to generate enough power to take over a radio station.
You guys should test out some of these cb/10m/ham radios. On eBay, the used ones are selling pretty cheap. You could talk across states for free, as long as you don't distrub local radio stations.

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Michigan United States

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James i own a art series amp and i forget to mention it. lol
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