Strange noise from right speaker


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Ok, my right speaker is making some noise(not the kind it's supposed to). Sometimes I hear what I would call a staticy noise coming from it. For example. There was one song that had a movie quote at the end of it. If I listened to that part through my left speaker, it's fine, if I listen to it through the right, it sounds distorted, crackly. But the thing is it doesn't do it all the time. It'll do it on the same songs in the same place, but other songs it's perfectly fine. The speakers I'm using are brand new CDT CL-61A's. They are hooked up to a 4 channel Alpine amp going in to a Pioneer Premier deck. Now my question is, could it be my deck that's causing the problem with that side? The reason I ask that is because I could have sworn I heard a similar distortion when I had my factory speakers and no amp in there(still had the Pioneer deck). I just installed the speakers and amp this week(it's an old amp I had though). In the past, I thought the stock speakers might have blown and that maybe that's why I heard the static. Now since I have new speakers in there and I'm kinda hearing the same thing(on the same CD) I'm beginning to wonder. Any help or advice you could provide would be greatly appreciated.....dunno if anyone can help though.

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BUMP! Anyone able to give any advice?

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You're probably not going to believe this, but here may be your right ear that is causing this....I have gone through this same scenario with 3 different HU's, 2 different amps & 3 set of comps and I keep hearing the exact thing you're describing....I finally decided to sit in the front seat facing the rear....and low and behold my left ear didn't hear those noises, but they had switched to the left speaker (the one my right ear was pointed to)....try that out and see if that's the problem.
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