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hey,i am about to buy the following equipment. with no experience on my back for car audios i want to know if these components will match each other or will i be making a mistake ?!?

Headunit : Kenwood KDC-mp222(200W max, 22.5x4RMS)
Speaker pair: Pioneer TS-A6980R 6x9" 4-way
1 AMP: LEGACY LA490(600 Watt bridged or 300 watts x 2 with built in crossover )
2 SUBS: LWF12 (500 Watt 12" 250RMS each)
1 BANDPASS BOX: Dual 12" with Plexi-View Panel

plz help me out i am stuck here !!

thanks a lot !

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The Kenwood is a good low/mid level unit, good for a starter system, however, will it run the Sanyo CD changer, or will you have to utilized a RF Convertor? If you have to use an RF Convertor, I would find something else. What kind of car are we talking about? Where are the speaker locations, and what size are they? I would hold off for know, and maybe get further input from the forum.

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thanks for your reply.
i have the pioneer 6x9's in front of me. the kenwood kdc-mp222 head unit is on the way. i still have to buy the rest of the items. about the cd changer, i got it free from a friend so if it hooks up good if it doest no big deal. the car is 97 mitsubishi galant. i am looking for a very basic nice sound setup. this whole setup will come around $370. the 6x9's for the rear. so tell me what you think ,as i said a very basic, cheap (keep it to myself) sound system.

thanks again!

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first off, I would think that the 6x9 four-ways would be alright for the rear, considering you already have them. Since you already have the KDC-mp222 on the way, I would run the 6x9's of the rear speaker outputs of the HU ith a bass blocker wired inline on the positive speaker wire of the 6x9's. This will keep them from bottoming out, and trying to play the low bass that you will get from the subs. The bass Blockers run around $17.00, and you can get them just about everywhere. Now for the Sanyo, since it is free, you can't beat the price, even though you may lose sound quality by utilizing a RF Convertor. The RF convertor plays the music through your FM radio, and is not of digital quality. But, you always have the CD/MP3 player right. I would almost forget about the sanyo, and build the system around the HU. Next, find a mid/low end component set to drop in the front doors, and run them off the HU's front speaker Outputs. There are several low-priced brands out there that sound good, such as Logic, Coustic, Etc. I personally have seen them around here for around $80.00. However, if you can afford a better set, this is an area where your system could use the extra cash. Buy a component set, which will include midbass, tweeter, and passive crossover for the front, you will be glad you did. Now onto the subs- I would purchase the box if that is the one you like, however, I think that you could shop around and find more reliable subs for the price, E-Mail me at when you find some. I would also shop around for a used amp, which would offer more power per cost than the Legacy, for which I have no faith. Look around for a used Autotek, PPI, RF, Etc. I know what it is like to shop on a budget, but if you can find a reasonable front component set, you will have the sound quality part finished. That will only leave the bottom end, but we can work on that, E-Mail me with what you find.

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ok tell ya what. I'm not very fond of most of your choices.
nothing personal.
I'll offer an alternative setup.

Clarion or Alpine CD/MP3 player with optional CD changer controls and matching changer.
CDT 6.5" separates in front
CDT two-way 6x9s in back
Avionixx or Kicker subwoofer amp, monoblock, class D, rated for at least 600Wrms x 1 @ 2 Ohms
two 12" Elemental Design eD12K subs
ported box, not bandpass, tuned to ~35Hz with 4" ID ports.
4AWG power cable kit from

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I have a ppi pcx 2125, will this amp
give me enough decent bass on a
couple of 10" w7 or should I just go
for one 12" w7 on a sealed box in the
back of a lincoln navigator,

or should I go for a more powerful ppi amp
any suggestions please help me

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The twelve should go lower, but the 2 10" should move more air, depending on the power. The 2125 bridged onto a single 12 should provide a good thump, and the 10's should be fine also, but could even take more power.

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aight. i went through crutchfield and getting a hatchback MTX T412A 12" for around $100. the mono sub amp is pretty expensive around $200, probably the 2 channel US acoustics USB-2150 would be a better option for $130 than the mono-sub amp. all this price excludes shipping. but here is one more deal i am getting, its a Kenwood KAC-7201 amp (800wMAX, 150wRMSx2@4ohm, 230wRMSx2@2ohm,480wRMSx1@4ohm) with 2 kenwood KFC-w2505 10"subs(35-300w RMS range with q logic enclosure for around $190.
so tell me what you think about this deal?
please suggest if any other thing in mind

thanks !

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Sounds like a good deal for the budget that you have, but I am not fond of Kenwood subs. I would rather have the MTX hatchback, with a mid/low level amplifier. I looked on the crutchfield site and they did have the US acoustics amp for $130.00 and it should work just fine on the hatchback setup you purchased.

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Bridge the US acoustics amp onto the hatchback sub you purchased. After you get this all hooked up, take time and move the subwoofer around, and firing different directions, to see which mounting and firing option provides the best sound quality and cabin gain.

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no i didnt purchase the mtx woofer yet! i wont do anything till recommendations. thats what i am asking which deal is better the MTX with US Acoustic setup costing around $260 or Kenwood KAC-7201 amp (800wMAX, 150wRMSx2@4ohm, 230wRMSx2@2ohm,480wRMSx1@4ohm) with 2 kenwood KFC-w2505 10"subs(35-300w RMS range with DUAL q logic enclosure for around $190.i also told the guy to hook it up and to me it sounded mad nice. the kenwood deal also comes with a warranty.

please advise. thanks!

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The Kenwood deal sounds good for the money, why don't you research the products on the crutchfield site where the MTX stuff you are looking at, and look what their prices are for new stuff. Only you can make the choice what fits your budget, but either way, both setups should sound decent, and should pound.
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