Using rear speakers as input for sub amp?


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Alright, I just bought a ZX2, and since the factory headunit is part of the center console, i cant exactly plug the amp RCAs into the back of it. So since i already have an amp (JBL BP1200.1) and sub (15" re se), I decided to see if I could make use of it until i get the appropriate kit.

Anyway, one of the ideas was to splice the rear speaker wire into the high input on the amp. Since the rear speakers are getting all the sound, the LPF on the amp should deliver only the bass to the sub, correct? How exactly would I go about doing this (before i get out the wire clippers and soldering iron)?

Also, the car has the premium sound system, so the signal going to the speakers is already amped (not a lot), would this cause huge problems for the sub?

Thanks a lot!
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