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I have just received my RF Power T10001bd Amp....let me rave really quick....RATED @ 1655W RMS @ 1 ohm, or 1156W RMS @ 2ohms and 693W RMS @ 4 ohms) anyway, I'm picking up my 2 JL12W6V2 (rated at 400W a piece) and I'm wondering because my subs, together can handle 400W (or more from what their site says) should I be conservitive and run it 4 ohms or hook it up at 1 ohm and just keep the gain down.... I want to know the +/- of running 1 ohm and at running 4 ohm, and what anyone thinks about 693W of power for those subs, or if I should push all 1655, but OF COURSE, keep the gain down....any and all comments welcome, that why I'm asking.....


also, RF claims they put in a 100A ANL fuse on this amp, but I just looked and its a 150A, does anyone know how many amps I'll be pulling if I go 1 ohm or 4 ohms? its 81.856% efficient, and I need to know if i should buy the 200A alt. or the 250A alt I'm considering...thanks

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well a good way to get amps is to take your number of watts and divide by 12, another way is to take the number of watts, divide by 10 then multiply by the efficiency. either way you do this you come up with about 135 amps or so. You should be fine with the 200 amp provided this is the only amp you are planning on running. OK now for the w6v2's it appears by the fuse rating that this amp is underrated so your 693 @4ohms might really be more like 750 or so. I would not even think about running them at 1ohm you might as well throw the money out of your window because unless you buy them from a authorized dealer and have them profesionally installed JL doesn not cover it. Run them at 4ohms mono and throw them in a ported enclosure.
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