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Guys, I am a complete newb when it comes to making my own enclosures and all that. So I apologize in advance if this is a stupid question but I cant find the answer anywhere.

I am in the process of designing a box to hold all my Amps and capacitors and stay the same height of my stock trunk floor because hatch space is limited in the 350Z. I want all my stuff to be visiable though so I want to install some plexiglass windows to sit flush with the box but dont know how to mount the plexiglass in there without the screws or adhesive being visable....please help me out guys.....I really want to get it designed and built ASAP so I can start enjoying my system in my new car:-)


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just make your4 plexiglass, 2 or 3 incehs longer than needed to be, and place it BEHIND the wood screw it in from the outside of the wood, then its not visible

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and if ya want it to sit flush with the surface, use a router and cut an inset into the wood to set the plexi or lexan into on the surface.
this is for amp covers etc.. totally different story of the lexan has to be load bearing for a speaker enclosure panel and the lexan will be subjected to the forces exerted by the speakers.

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I would tend to go with the router as Glass stated.
To add to that... I would go along the outside edges of the sheet and mask off thee entire backside leaving only an inch or two, (the area where the screw holes are that you have already pre drilled).
Then, using black spray paint or whatever desired color, spray along the entire unmasked edge. Be sure you paint the "back" side of the panel, in other words the side that faces "in" towards the woofers. After the paint is dried unmask an there ya go.
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