Whats wrong with my Sub!!!!help


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Username: Ctx

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Something is wrong with my sub it is still fully functional but distorts fairly bad a certain frequencys when I turn up the music.

im running
2 boston 10.5 lf 4 ohm in parallel to a
jbl 1200.1, only one sub distorts

heres what I have determined through testing

-not rca cable distortion

-not from the deck

-not from an improperly sealed box

-all connections are properly installed

-no strange smell when it distorts

-gains are set correctly (about 3/8 up)

-speaker is not hitting anything

-speaker still works,and does not grind when I push the cone(makes the same feel as the fully
functional one)

-It will only distort when the music is up 1/4 and higher

-it appears to distort worse at lower frequencys

-I did have it running at full power for about 5 minutes before I noticed it started

so the questions I present to you are what is wrong and how do I fix it? thanx in advance

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Username: James1115

Wilton, Ct

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sounds like a cooked coil my man!

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Username: Invain

Michigan United States

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Did you say it distorts when you play lower frequencies? That's not a good thing with a subwoofer. Are you sure the sub that you think has the problem doesn't scratch when you push the cone? Sounds like a blown coil...

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Username: Ctx

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Registered: Jun-04
If it does scratch it is not at all noticeable.If the coil is somewhat blown what will happen if I keep using it at moderate volume levels, and can someone fix it for me and how much will it cost
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