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I'm after information on what the clifford 650 comes with as standard, the clifford site is a bit confusing...It suggests it comes with one of three options..

Now if I were to go with the dual zone proximity option, this would protect the interior cabin space as well?

Will this alarm autmotically power up my windows as standard?

Does it protect against the opening of doors/bonnet/boot as standard?

I take it tilt and motion is an option at extra cost?

Does it include the anti-hijacking blackjaz feature as standard or is this an extra?

Looking to get this fitted to my 95 BMW 318iS Coupe.

Have emailed many sources (including clifford) with no response as of yet


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The dual zone will protect the interior cabin.
Smart windows would have to be purchased (which is an add on)
It has door, bonnet and boot pins as standard.
Tilt and motion is again an extra/
Blackjax is on the 650 and can be switched on by either the installer or yourself

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Purchased used Miata with Clifford alarm system no manual. My problem is Craftsman Garage Door Opener sets off car alarm whenever garage door opens or closes. Re-programing garage door remotes dosen't help. Don't know model NO. of alarm system. Any suggestion how to fix problem

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Dual zone offers a "Warn Away" bark for the outside of the vehicle (up to 2 feet distance) and a Primary Zone which covers the interior of the car. The Primary zone should be set to only activate when your head and both arms are inside the vehicle to avoid false alarms. Similarly the Proximity (Exterior) should be set to only bark when someone gets within 1 foot of the car.

This alarm WILL power your windows up if your car does it as standard (My Merc Does This) or if you turn the key in your lock and hold it there until the windows move. If your car does not do this then as Sam says, you will need Smart Windows.

The alarm will be triggered when the interior light comes on, this light is controlled by all door contacts and forces a current change which the alarm senses so yes it will sound if a door/bonnet/boot is opened.

Tilt and motion can be opted as a package with the 650.
The choices are:
* 650 + Dual Zone Proximity
* 650 + Ultrasonic Sensors
* 650 + Tilt & Motion

Blackjax IS standard on the 650 and is great as long as you remember to punch in the code using the valet switch :-) Although it is easily switched on/off

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