Alright. Im tired of working out a formula to give me a load output when you put certain amount of coils in parallel.
I know that when wired in series, the resistances add all together (r1 + r2 + r3 +.......rx)

However, I have not found the formula to give the final load with x amount of coils hooked up in parallel.

I only got the formula for 2 coils, but I want one for multiple coils
2 coils formula: AB/A+B where A is the resistance of coil 1 and B the resistance of coil 2.

Can someone please help find this formula???

1/r + 1/r = 1/r

ex. 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/0.5
1/0.5 = 2 ohms

This link confirms how much of a genius I am:

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ok heres some excamples

2x 8 ohm = 4 ohm
2x 6 ohm = 3 ohm
2x 4 ohm = 2 ohm
2x 2 ohm = 1 ohm

4x 8 ohm = 2 ohm
4x 6 ohm = 1.5 ohm
4x 4 ohm = 1 ohm
4x 2 ohm = .5 ohm

2x 4 ohm = 8 ohm
2x 3 ohm = 6 ohm
2x 2 ohm = 4 ohm
2x 1 ohm = 2 ohm

4x 4 ohm = 16 ohm
4x 3 ohm = 12 ohm
4x 2 ohm = 8 ohm
4x 1 ohm = 4 ohm

does this help?

jay amaro
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people always assume you will always be wiring matched even numbered ohm loads but in actuality given the right combination an almost infinite number of drivers and ohm loads can be achieved.
ok heres my challenge:
suppose you have:
1- 4 ohm sub
5- 8 ohm subs
1- 2 ohm sub
1- 2x4 dvc sub
and you want to run all of them on a single mono 1 channel amp?
what would your final ohm load be if all were wired in parallel?
i already know this answer and in laymens terms the easiest way for figuring ohm loads if to pair everything that you can match and adjust its respective ohm load and continue until all the ohm loads are dropped to their correct "half" levels and its as easy as that.
p.s. sorry bacon i think your list actually proves nothing and only exacerbates the answer to the question.
paralleling ALWAYS cuts the ohm load in half regardless of each drivers individual load.
the answer to the question i presented above is *.>*a.fd?? or (blank) an ohm!!
i hope all genius's out there have their thinking caps on...or dunce caps which ever fits.
ill explain the simple and correct answer in a follow up tomorrow :-)
p.s. and when you combine wiring series and parallel combinations you can use quite a number of drivers of varying ohm loads to obtain the final load you want but things like this are best left for the professionals.

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Im sorry Jay but im going to have to diagree with you it took me about 30secs tops to figure it out with a calc. I spose that your little sceme could work if you didn't have a calc handy. Also you better have a pretty stable amp because the result is less than an ohm, so i would probally wire it up differently. putting some in series and some in parallel to either get a 1 ohm or 2 ohm load in mono. You know what i have no life i'll figure it out and get back to you.

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Alright this i probally what i would do. I comes out to 2.25 ohms perfect i my eyes. First off put the dual voices coils in parallel, down to 2 ohms. Next parallel all the 8 ohm subs, down to 1.6 ohms. So now basically you have a 4 ohm sub, a 1.6 ohm sub, and two 2 ohm subs. Next i would put the 1.6 ohm in series with one of the 2ohms. And the 4 ohm in series with the other 2 ohm. So now your down to a 6 ohm and a 3.6 ohm sub combination. Then to finish it up put those in parallel to get a grand total of 2.25 ohms. Perfect eh. By the way im 18 and not even close to being a professional. And when you tell us the answer to your question ill be back to confirm whether your right or wrong.

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jay amaro
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ok the answer is:
which i wanted the answer along with the original post without giving it away (*.>*a.fd?? or (blank) an ohm)
*.>* means nothing :P
0.53 is the final ohm load and your right there arent many amps at all nor would it be good to send a .53 or half (blank) an ohm load to an amp.
and a series/parallel would work using the original problem with those speakers to get a better ohm load however my question was directed to "its bacon" because the list he posted means nothing and couldnt solve a situation like that.

now "tim" you on the other hand have a good concept of ohms law and its even better that your 18 and with your understanding and interest in car audio are off to a good start and could have a future as a professional if you chose to.
obviously you must have some interest in the field since you are here but your explanation of determining and calculating ohm loads is practical and gives the original poster of this thread his answer which is even better so i dont have to explain :-)
the only reason i chose the original question as an ALL parallel question with the 8 subs would be to see if the "list" could solve that question.

"You know what i have no life i'll figure it out and get back to you."

it looks like you could have a good career in electronics ahead of you and im not sure why you have no life but i remember (barely) when i was 18 i think i was home maybe once or twice a month :D

i like the way you think "tim" youre smart and actually your alot closer to pro than alot of other "so called" professionals out there who like to think they are.
but having said that...get off the internet and go out and have yourself some fun man, the weekend is here!!
well hope everyone does have a great weekend and yeah thanks glasswolf that bcae1 site is a good one and helps explain most of the principles and fundamentals so well.

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You know i was comming on a little hard because I thought you were just some punk that was trying to sound smart like me. I starting to get tired of teenagers who go giving false advice and blasting there crap sony sound systems down residental streets in the middle of the night. I was hoping you might be one of those punks and i could shut you up on the spot, but i was obviously wrong and i apoligize. Being 18 im always looking for ways that i can prove myself, so sometimes i get a little over agressive.

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Tim, those that are just in audio from the boom do serve one purpose, they spend money. The money they spend helps to support manufactors, who in then R&D new products, which in turn helps us purists in our search for better sound quality. And to let you in on a secret, a lot us sound quality people started as teenagers interested in Booming, and got caught up in the competition and sound quality pursuits. There is no need to prove yourself, no one knows everything.
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