Amps at 2 ohms, what happens if i runit at 8 ohms


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hi, i got my mono amp today and I ran it at 2 ohms since it is running two 4 ohm subs svc. I was wondering if I connect pos to neg if it will run at 8 ohms since right now they are connected each positive to positive. what happens at 8 ohm?

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The power will decrease significantly.

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Usually about half the rated power at 4 ohms.

Many manufacturers recommend avoiding running subs in series if at all possible. Voice coils in series - OK. Subs in series - not as good.

Please note that when wiring multiple drivers, whether DVC drivers or their SVC brethren, it is recommended that series connections between drivers be avoided at all costs. This does not include series connections made between voice coils on the same driver.

from here:

Apparently you can get a slight phase shift between drivers run in series. Has to do with the fact that subs are a reactive load and two in series can interact with each other. Jonathan knows more about this than I do.


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Learned this in Physics Class a few weeks ago:

Power equals voltage squared divided by resistance. The voltage will remain constant, thus the higher the resistance, the less the power.

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