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I'm getting a whine through the speakers when the car is running...I'm pretty sure I have a good ground (free of dirt & paint) and I have the power, rca's & speakers wires running all aprt from each other.....(2) questions?? it possible to ground TO CLOSE to the amp (my ground lead is 6")...and if it's not that is there any bad places (within the vehicle itself, not the doors) mount the crossovers for the components?

I need to get rid of this noise and can't for the life of my figure out where it's coming from.

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I think I just answered this in another thread.

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is it a realy loud wining or just small one a small one normaly comes from the ignition from the car one thing you can try is pulling one of your RCA's part way from the amp just so the gound comes undone try it with both RCA's one at a time then try both tell me what happends

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Keep ground wire short as possable and is it connected to the battery(this can cause this)?also running power wires next to speaker wires can dause this at times.
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