Odd shaped vented boxes and vent length!!!???


I wanna know if the Shape of a box comes into play when venting it or does the vent length only rely on the airspace in the box and driver displacement???

I am building a 2 cu ft box tuned to 34 hz for a solobaric L5 12 and i have to build the box in the shape of an L...i have another post on the same subject....it would look somthing like this when finished:

i wanna know it the shape will force me to change the length of the port to attain the 34 hz tuned fq. i want or will the port be able to stay the same size as it would be in a rectangle box with the same airspace???

jay amaro
Unregistered guest
heres a few rules to consider:
half your diamater (2" if using a 4" port) of the port should be kept from any inside wall and end of the port of your box but at 2 cu ft you should have plenty of room to put a 4" port anywhere you want.

is it a round or rectangle port?

if the port isnt obstructed or interfered with by the box or driver in any way then the port is fineand air will move in and out of the box just the same in a square, round, rectangle or "L" shaped box and if youve already determined the proper port length for the diamater then your good to go.
just think of an "transmission line" design and the main thing you want is good unobstructed airflow thats the bigger thing to consider and shape only in that you have enough backspace to mount the subwoofer and directly behind it.
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