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Hi all, I just had the new car audio install completed today, and all is well except that I am getting a high hissing from one or both of the right-side speakers. I found this out because I *thought* I heard it, and messed with the balance. The left side is crystal clear, but the right has the hissing. Here is my hardware:

Alpine CDA-9835 head unit
Soundstream VGA 400.2 amp
Focal 165v2 Polyglass component speakers

I thought it may have been the crossover for the right speakers, but it is at the same settings as the left, and there is no problem from that side. The guy who set my system up said it was probably just the head unit's eq settings (which was before I messed with the balance and realized it was from just one side). The tweeter has obvious hiss, while I cannot determine as of yet whether the woofer is also hissing.
What do you guys think it could be? What steps would you take to troubleshoot this problem?
I did not disconnect the tweeter from the crossover to isolate the woofer (to see if the problem was right-tweeter specific, or if the entire right side had the problem), so I guess this would be a start. Any help would be appreciated.


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I just took the right tweeter out to see if it was blown from the factory, but there are no tears in it. I switched the RCA's going to the amp, and it is still on the right tweeter only. Thus, the head unit is not to blame. It also seems that there is no distortion from the right woofer when I cover the right tweeter with my hand. This leads me to believe it is either the crossover or the tweeter. What could be wrong?

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Sounds like your installer messed something up. Try swaping the crossovers, and then the tweets. Once you narrow it down to the exact component, or a wiring problem it will be easer to get the shop to listen to you.
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