Isaac i need sum help lol


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ok i have a stock altinator, i have a 1800 watt legacy amp(900 watt rms)but i am looking into gettin 2 800 watt kenwood amp not sure the rms, 1.)are kenwood amps good?
2.)are the 2 a better idea then the one?
3.)should i replace my altenator(lights starting to dim a lil)
4.)if yes what should i get
5.)what type of capacitor should i get and what size and by who if i should even get one

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What are you trying to do with the amps? Instead of replacing your alternator look in a deep cycle battery, like an yellow top. Either way the Kenwoods would be better than the Legacy(most likely isn't 900 watts rms) but not much better.

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adam i dont see how your lights are dimming with an 1800watt rated Legacy amp. Theres no way that is putting out 900rms, if it was id be amazed.

Kenwood as david said would most likely be a better choice.. any reasons for looking at Kenwood for an amp?

Replacing your alternator? Chances are you lights are only dimming with the volume way up and strong bass notes. If its dimming all the time then i dunno, i myself wouldnt really consider upgrading an alternator to power a legacy or kenwood amp. Its quite an expense unless you know how to install yourself.

If your going to be pushing over 1000watts go with at least a 2 farad cap if not a 3.

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Adam, Kenwood is better than Legacy but not by much. Kenwood also loves to imitate Sony and Pyramid by using peak and confusing numbers. Their 1000w and 800w aren't rms. In fact some of those models, you can't divide by 2 and expect to get rms. They consider 460w rms, to be 1000w.
Your typical stock alternator will supply around 60A - 75A the most. Your car's electrical components will eat up 50% - 75% of that. Therefore, you will have around 20A or less to play with.
Upgrading alternator is always a good thing IMO. You don't have to use it with amps. If you have high powered headlights/fog lights, it can come in handy.
The rule of thumb for capacitor is 1F for every 1000w of peak (not the peak numbers Sony/Pyramid makes up) power.
I find Stinger/RF make pretty good capacitors at a reasonable price.

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thanks alot to all of u guys that helped me out, to find out my alternator is goin bad and other things on my car are also im gettin a new car and gettin a "aftermarket alternator do you guys suggest any?? and what type of amps do u suggestm maybe buyin them on ebay spending umm around 300-400(i need 1400 watt rms)i am looking at buyin 2 amps or one good one, do all of you suggest the yellow top batt.?
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