Can an amp affect the way your car should work?


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Ok, first off, i have a Lincoln Mark VIII which is almost entirely controlled through a computer system. Everything to the air ride system (it will automaticall level itself if possible and drop the car 2 inches at high speeds)... Now for the problems... my speedometer and tach both jump up with the bass (not just a little.) Also, my air bags seem to release air and lower the car a little when there is a really long deep note. My lights do not dim and i have a brand new rock/fos battery with a rock/fos cap running a rock/fos 851 power amp *offically 856 rms* (i am not rock/fos obsessed i just got a package deal although they are excellent products!)

Has anyone ever heard of problems like this and is there any way to fix it? The shocks might just be in my mind since it really is a ton of bass.

My subs also seem much more quiet in my new car (lincoln to an old jetta obviously a big move.) Even with my trunk open it sounds less powerfull then when i listened with the trunk open in the jetta. I understand that when you open a trunk no sound bounces back, i am talking about standing outside of the car and listening. In order to get the same level of bass out of my subs and amp (2 polk MM12s) i have to really crank my cd player. Is my amp dying or something?

!!!!!Please Help!!!!!
any comments, opinions, and advice would be greatly appriciated!

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My first move would be to check every ground to insure that all leads are tightly affixed to the surface, and that all screws, nuts, bolts, etc. are all snugged down. As for the speedo and tach, it sounds like the amp power line, or remote (not likely), are crossing (touching) the power wire, or cable, for the speedo and tach, or possibly routed next to the cars computer. Do the other instrument needles move? If so, try rerouting the powercord, or remote wire, in a different manner and see if the problem goes away. Good luck!

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you need a higher output alternator, or disconnect the amplifier(s)
what's happening is your amps are drawing more power than the alternator can supply, voltage rails are sagging, and this is causing system malfunctions with the onboard computer.
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