Adding a car sub to my PC sound system!!!


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K hey everyone, my current computer kit are the Logitech X-620's... the trebble is great and is loud enough but the bass is pretty faggish when it's passed the 1/2 way point.

I want to know if I can replace this little peice of crap with somthing a little better, for example a car sub because it's cheaper than buying a new kit.

I'm almost 100% sure the impedance of my sub is 8 ohms (it should be right?). And every car sub I see is only 4 ohms!!! If I'd use one of those, can I just add a 4 ohm resistor? Because if I have to buy 2 subs and put them in series I might as well just get a new kit...

ALso more questions, my sub amp only gives out 25 watts RMS... is this enough to drive a car sub? Like, I know 25 watts aint nothing but do you guys think the sub will run much better than the other one even below 25 watts? Because after the 1/2 point the sound on my sub stops increasing (so it gets lost in the treble) and if I put the system to 3/4 it starts to distort a little. Also when I tune up the bass higher or to the max in the Audigy 2 sound card's control panel there is much distortion when it's louder. Is that distortion there because the sub is a little 6 inch peice of crap, or because the amp is a peice of crap, or because it always distorts at that high level no matter what?

Thanks for any answers I will get, and even though I don't mind answers right here I'd rather if someone here would send it to me by email at ...

Ok I know this is an easy question... so why is everyone ignoring this thread? It may not be in the right section but I didn't know where to put it...

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25 watts rms isn't really enough to drive anything car audio related. Some little 3 inch speakers or tweeters maybe, but that's about it.

OK thanks
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