96 Civic H/O Alt..?


I have a 1996 honda civic ex and I am going to be puting a system in verry soon. I am going to be putting in 3 type r 12's, powered by a RF T1001bd(1000wattx1 @ 1ohm rms).I also have a 100x4 watt amp for my components. So my question is do I need a high output alternator? And if so what sise one do I need? And is there any way I can avoid getting one? Also do you recomend getting a capacitor? I appreciate any and all help verry much!!! Thank you!!

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You WILL need HO alternator with that much power. There is no other way around it.
A capacitor will round out your system nicely, only after your alternator upgrade.
It's 1F of capacitor for every 1000w peak. So you'll need 1.5F to 2F cap.
For the alternator, try 4alterstart.com.

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yea, you'll definitely need a h/o alternator man. my bro had 450 watts rms in his little civic and that thing could not hang at all. don't put in a cap, only after you've upgraded the alt.

OK so I nowknow that I need a alt upgrade. Thank you for telling me about that. But I'm still not sure what sise one I need? Could you help me with that? Also is it a bad thing to get a bigger alternator than I need? Cause next year I plan on upgrading my system to (2 13 inch JL W7's, with 2 1000 watt JL amps).And still my 100x4 amp for my components. If its not a bad thing, than how big of an alt would I need with that? And how much would one cost "whatever sise". Thank you again...

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You can get larger alternator then needed. Try getting 250A HO alternator. It might cost you somewhere between $200 - $300, depending on your car model.
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