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I have 2 V-Max 12's and when im INSIDE the car they sound amazing but when im outside i cant really hear em as much...the trunk rattles a bit other than that i cant really hear em...any ideas on why this mite be??

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Mine does that too, maybe that's because your car is sealed up pretty well and the sound waves arent traveling out of your car? If you roll down your windows you'll be able to hear it more, but the whole point is what it sounds like INSIDE the car. Just try to respect other's who arent as into bass as you are, get what I'm saying?

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Most newer car's are sealed better. Mine is the same way. Shake's your braine on the in side of the truck, then you git out all you hear is the exhaust and window's rattling.

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You can barely hear the bass next to my car (2 15" Kicker Comps) but walk about 50 yards away from your car and then you can hear the bass pretty well. Kind weird but all my friends with newer cars are exactly like that.

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YEHI NOTICED THAT 2. I cant hear nothing but trunk rattles ande other stuff rattles, but when i walk away the bass sounds, louder and it sounds more clear from far away.

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hearing the base when walking away from the car has to do with how the sound waves work with low frequency sounds, like deep bass. they expand enough for you to hear it when about 15ft or more from the source. but david has a good point, if sounds nice when you are in the car, nothing to worry about.
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