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Hi. how do i put a volume control for my subwoofer in my dash. My amplifier is a jbl gto 2000 and this is the site of my amplifier &type=&language=ENGLISH..... My control on my sub woofer is in my head unit. and the problem is when i dont want too much bass and i set the bass to negative values. my midrange speaker are also affected so the sound quality decreases. Please help me on how to put a seperate control for my subwoofer volume that will be put in my dashboard thnx

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i don't think it has anything to do with you amp.

how many sets of pre-outs do you have on your headunit? it sounds like you only have 2 sets, but then I wouldn't think that you'd have a subwoofer control on your head unit unless you had 3 pre-outs: 1 for fronts, 1 for rears, and 1
for your sub....

are you sure that what you THINK is the sub controller isn't just a bass controller?

otherwise i am lost..


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MAybe what i think is a bass controller.... whats that? what does a bass controller do?. how do i put one?.. i just want a sepearate control for the bass output of my sub. it does not have to be in the head unit.. thnx

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some amps have an optional level control that goes up at the dash.
I don't believe the JBL GTO series amplifiers have this option.

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I think what Joseph is wondering is whether you can install a control knob into a system (amp and sub) that didn't come with a control knob. I'm in the same boat, as I would like to have more control over the output of my sub without effecting the output of my front speakers, but my amp does not have a remote bass conbtrol knob. An eq would have the same effect as the head units bess/treb control, but might give you a little more control, as you could keep the lower-mid range as you like, but fine tune the sub-50Hz range.

I've used dimmer knobs (for house light) to control the speed of DC motors...I'm wondering if there is a way to incorporate this concept into a stereo system, such as installing a dimmer between the amp and the sub. I'm a mechanical engineer, not electrical, so I'm not that familiar with this sort of thing. Anyone ever tried this?



if you amps dont have the sub controler you need then you cant do that youre wanting to do....i have a Pioneer DEH-p6400...i has rca outputs for the sub amp and i use it....u may wanna get an amp that does have the controller or a HU that does.

you cant use the dimmer least i dont see any way to....if you put it in the power live to the amp will mess up the amp and make it clip...


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Its called a remote volume control, my mate has one to control his subs. Your best off contacting JBL and asking if there is a remote volume control designed for your amp.
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