Spark Amp while re-wiring, Blown Voice Coil?


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While re-wiring my amp after getting some spades to crimp on the 8guage lead and ground wire everything was going fine, however when I was done the screw driver touched one of the heat sink fins and a spark flew from the screw driver to the heat sink. none of the fuses blew 1 on the amp (30amp) and a (80amp) @ battery terminal so i figured everything was ok. A few days later I noticed no output from the sub and the protection fault light now comes on shortly after playing about half way through a song. The amp fins are cool if very slightly warm at all to the touch so it's not overheating. I trouble shot it to the point where the protect light will only come on when everything is hooked up and the speaker leads are pluged into the sub. So if no rca cables or no speaker wires connected it will stay on green power. Does this mean the amp is still fine? and there is somehow a problem with the sub it self? I pulled that out to check all the wiring everything seemed ok in there. The leads to the voice coil are intact and not burnt. The speaker does smell funny to me though so i'm wondering if the voice coil is blown. I've never smelled a burnt voice coil before but i admit it does smell burnish. However why would the speaker play just fine for the half a song or what ever until the protection fault kicks in if it is blown voice coil? before the rewiring and such the speaker was in use for about 20 days problem free. Only problem I discovered was a friend pointed out that the polarity was revesed however he said that it wouldn't harm the speaker any and that it would just be out of phase. Any ideas or sugestions on what to do next to trouble shoot would be appreciated. Dunno what else it could be it seems to point towards the sub being the problem.. but i'd hate to belive that an infinity sub would melt down before the crapy cheapy amp. It was never pushed at crazy insane volumes or and the gain was never more than half way up so I don't know how the coil could have melted
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