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ok i just went out and bought a ton....i mean a ton of equipment for my car.....no all i ned to know if i put down in here exactly what i have if some one could tell me how to tune it so i dont blow my 8s..... while keeping my 12s sounding wicked...well here is what i have...btw i already have it all hooked up just need some tuning advise and a little adjustment advice as well.....vr3 200 wat 2 channel amp...pushing my 8s ....300 wat max.. in enclosed boxes..at 1.4 cubic feet. a phoenix digital 1000 wat 4 channel amp pushing a pyle plq12d (12inch square sub) at 1400 max wat in a banpass box at 3.25 cubic feet bottom and .98 cubic feet top... controling the amps is a DHD POWER CRUSER 2/3 channel crossover the low input is hooked up to the 1000 wat amp and the mid is hooked up to the 200 wat amp..... no cap i wish i could aford one but im broke now lol im using fuse blocks starting off with a 4 gauge rockford wire and from the first fuse block reduses to a 8 gauge to the amps and the cross over the ground is set up the same way 8 gauge from the amps and crossover 4 gauge to the under carrage...for a wicked ground the deck is a ..kinda cheepy 200 wat jvc stereo cd player detachable face.. not to uncommon... well there it is guys if you can crack this one you will make the most happy guy around.... and the loudest in my town hopfully lol ..aka population 538

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This has nothing to do with your question,sorry,but I love Futurama Im assuming u do to.Bender is the shhitt

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I'd say setting the gains too high on the crossover or amps is probably the only way you'll blow anything.

Tuning really has to be done in person. Play around with it, and see what you like. Generally, you set the crossover at the same point or slightly apart(let the slope cover the inbetween).

I play music at normal volume(some people use tones), sub completely off, and the mids XO set lower than you want it. You listen and adjust. You'll hear where you mids just don't add more. You do the same thing with your subs with your mids off, and the XO set higher than you'd want it. Once you have that figured out, you can turn everything on, and do some more adjusting. A popular crossover point between subs and mids is 80Hz. The main idea is to not feed your drivers frequencies that they can't reproduce without distortion. If you overlap too much, you'll get a peak where that frequency is louder than everything above or below it.
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