Ported or non-ported?


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I'm planning on putting 2 12's in the trunk of my Maxima...and I was wondering if I should use a ported or non-ported box. What are the pro's and con's of each.
Any help would be much appreciated

Ported = louder above the tuning of the port
Sealed = Better sound quality, and better low end extension, smaller box size,.

Example: I compared a 5cf ported box tuned to 30Hz and a 2.2cf sealed box with a 15". High bass range they were the same. Roughly, 30-50Hz the ported was louder, 25Hz and below, the sealed was all by itself. I also like the sound quality of a sealed box better over the entire range.

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Both can offer great sound quality, it's all in how well it's done.

Ported offers higher efficiency around the tuned frequency of the port, and also controls the subwoofer better than a sealed box. They offer higher mechanical power handling and also slightly increased thermal power handling since air is allowed to pass through the port. Ported boxes have a lower downpoint than a sealed box, which means that they are capable of playing flat to a lower frequency over sealed, down to the point of the tuning frequency. This makes them more authoritative down low, at least to the point of tuning. It also causes a bump in the response due to the cabin gain of the vehicle it's in. Ported boxes have lower distortion than sealed boxes due to the increased cone control.

Sealed boxes have better transient response and less group delay than ported. They have a more gentle rolloff than ported boxes, and are capable of playing lower than ported boxes without issues with overexcursion. They have a 12db/octave rolloff after their downpoint, which works well with a car's cabin gain and produces a flatter response than ported. Sealed boxes allow more excursion overall than ported, and at high volumes that amounts to higher distortion from the subwoofer.

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I got a sony explode 800 watt max output 12" sub, i also bought a rockford fosgate 12" punch p3. i have a virtual reality amp with 1000 watts max output and a jbl 600 rms amp. i put the p3 in a ported box to the jbl amp and i get this terrible vibration. should i buy a closed box for the p3 and put the explode which only rms at 200 watts in the ported.
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