Can't believe what this guy told me


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this man said re x's are not compared to 13wys in sq and told me L7's were made to be a sq sub but on the other side this man new his job well. he had me listen to two 10 solo x that hit like some high end 12. He also said he put 3000 watts on two 8w7s he showed me but i don't think it was 3000 watts but they hit like some decent 12's at that.The other guy in the shop compared some low end rf 15's in a regular sealed box to to the 8w7s with ported box they made i the sounded better. i have more to say but i guess i'l just quit here.

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you gotta love those shop monkeys. i dont think that there are that many shops that have an open mind when it comes to different brands than there own. have you noticed that whatever there top selling brand is, it is always better than anything else on the market. a pyramid shop would say that his subs will sound better and hit harder than an eclipse ti or triple x or brahma. its annoying when they cut down your equipment. thats when i want to put my foot in their a$$.

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Typical salesman. When I did sales, I think I was the only person in the world who'd actually say a product was good if I didn't sell it. I had a lot of people ask me about RF stuff back in the old days. I'd tell them the truth. Great stuff, but expensive, and the local shop at the time wasn't that great at installs where they did sell RF.

As for your exxperience, the RE triple X is at least equal to a 13W7 in both output and SQ given proper power. I can demonstrate that first hand. I use the RE subs myself. The RE are also cheaper than a 13W7, and don't require jumping through hoops to match the sub to a non-JL amplifier.
As for Solobarics, they "advertise" to be a SQ sub, but they are anything but that. They have issues with cone flex, tinsel lead slap and separation, surround failures, poor Xmax, and generally sound like crap at high output, regardless of the box or power used.
The soloX will get loud. I just dislike their reliability and SQ myself. The W7 is a great sub, and it will outperform most subs on the market, but the design is old now, and plenty of "supersubs" have surpassed it in performance, for a lower price.
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I Agree with Glass on this forsure. When you go buy alot of products they will tell you what you want to hear. The reason iw was fired, ha ha.. was because i did just what glass did and told the truth. "I wasent doing what I was paid for". Being an Audio Enthusiest you cant lie to somebody's face by telling them your products are better. If you want real advice you should ask glass :P, lol

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Beleive you me. I just bought one 15"x.x.x.I build my slot ported 4.2 cube box tuned to 28Hz and it fuck3n ROCKS!!!!!!!!My brother in law has a 13w7 in a ported box.Before I had my x.x.x, I thoght that(13w7) was the baddest,loudest,outstanding sub ever.>my goal was simple,to beat him or at least match his sub,and I tell you what, my x.x.x. rocked the sh1t out of the 13w7.In both SQ and SPL. all lot louder that the w7.w7 gets to a point where you can no longer crank it up because the sub will start to can crank it and it'll sound good outside but inside it'll sound like crap. I cranked my sub almost all the way with the sub level in my HU at 6(out of 15 notches)and it sounded AWESOME inside and outside of the truck.It totaly drowned the uuuuuooo-wwoooooooow W7.I could never be happier:-):-):-):-):-):-)

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I completly agree, i went to the local JL shop and he said my eclipse ti 12 wont beat a W3 JL sub.....

I will take that challenge everyday of the wekk

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"I completly agree, i went to the local JL shop and he said my eclipse ti 12 wont beat a W3 JL sub..... "


i remember watching p1mp my ride and one of the guys said those rockford titaniums were the baddest subs ever...thank god xzibit told him not to lie on national television haha

someone mighta believed him...

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yeah, I think xzibit knows a thing or two about bass, just buy his CD and youll know what I mean.

Freq. Out.
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There was this episode on "Rides" he was showin his Hummer H2 system off, WestCoast Customs had put in a buncha Audiobahn amps in there!
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