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Hi Its me again Leo and I have a few questions for Glasswolf.
1.On my Cda-9813 reciever it says 4 volt preamp outputs but when I run the RCA's from the outputs to the amp and put it on 4 volts its not that loud but when I turn the voltage sensitivity on the amp down to like 2 volts its like twice as loud why is this?On Crutchfield's website they recommend a 10 Gauge wiring kit if I put that in will it help with the voltage problem?
2.I have the Kicker 800.4 4-channel amp and everything works fine but I was wondering with that amp would it be alright to have 2-channels running on 2 ohm loads and to bridge the other 2-channels @ 4 ohms would that cause my amp to shut off?
3.My 13W7 sounds good but its in a sealed box and I wanted to build a slotted port box for it how low should I have the tuning frequency and how do I tune a slotted port?say I tuned it to 31.5 and on my x-over the lowpass crossover is set at 80hz will that be ok or should I turn the x-over down to 50Hz.Last thing I promise on my Equalizer I have it on 31.5 +6 on band 1 will that add alot of bass if the box's tuning frequency is at 31.5.Thank you for your help Glasswolf.

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1: 10 gauge for the radio
you want 4AWG for the amps.
also, set the gains where they work for you, without causing distortion. the preouts for F/R are 4V on the Alpine. the sub pre-out is closer to 1.8V so it needs the gains set higher or a line driver should be added.

2. yes you can run stereo 2 Ohms and bridged 4 Ohms.
Be sure your alternator can handle that amount of current draw too.

3: use JL's stats for the slot ported box.
the 13W7 does best with a 1000/1 amp, or similar amp producing 1000-1200 watts RMS.
The port is tuned by it's length and diameter based on the box volume after driver and port displacement.

play with the crossover and EQ settings and see what you prefer.
too much equalization will cause distortion.


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Glass I got my Infinity 5.1 components in today and they look really nice,I also installed the woofer and tweeter in the door panels myself.The component set comes with 2 external crossovers,1 for each set on the specs sheet it says 100 watts Rms into the speakers is that for just the woofer or is it 100 watts for the woofer and tweeter both combined?Another thing the tweeters are 4 ohm and so are the woofers for the 5.1's if I wire a set(1 tweeter and 1 woofer)to the crossover how it says wouldnt that drop the load to 2 ohms?I just dont wanna mess up and put a load smaller than 2 ohm to my amp.I also am thinking about getting a Optima yellow top battery for the amp im using to power the 13W7 and I want the Optima to run seperately from my alternator the yellow top claims 60 minute run time with 50 amps of current and I figured it up and it will be right around there with 1000 watts.By the way with the Optima I plan on recharging it everyday after I get done with it.

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wire from your 4 chan amp to your crossover, the load for both tweeter and woofer will be 4 ohms and 100w rms for BOTH woofer and tweeter

bad idea about running the 13w7 off just the battery....get a high output alternator that will produce about 135a or so for the 800.4 and your car's electrical system. bad idea if you do the battery by itself....just not a good idea...replace the stock battery or whatever you have with the yellow top and grab a higher output alternator than you have now to power it and charge it contantly

just get a higher output alternator to run your amp, and it will draw more than 50a at 2 ohms i would assume...

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that 100W rating is for the set combined.. in other words, the amplifier channel connected to that crossover module shouldn't supply any more than 100WRMS @ 4 Ohms.
the load will be 4 Ohms.
The only time impedance drops with multiple speakers, is when the speakers are reproducing the same frequencies at the same time.
Your crossover modules will prevent that, since they separate the freq range for each speaker.
In short, the load will be 4 Ohms, and the amp should supply no more than 100W per channel @ 4 Ohms.
good speakers. good amp.

the optima isn't a good starter battery (yellow top) due to the lower cold cranking amps, but it is good for an audio system.
ideally you want it to be charged by the alternator, using a battery isolator.
in any event, you'll want a high output alternator to handle the audio system *if* you notice your lights dimming or voltage rails sagging during system usage.
If the lights don't dim, and you don't hear any distortion, then your stock alternator, battery etc are sufficient.

Try with stock first. If it doesn't cope, then upgrade the alternator.
the alternator really should not cost you much more than doing a yellow top would.

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Thanks Guys appreciate your help alot.
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