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Would a sony 1600 watt amp push two L7 12ssaeed14
Sub for Dodge Ram Quad Cabtaylor173
Battary capacitator?taylor177
Subwoofer ???josh walton4
Building a boxJake Davis6
PoweringHunter Warren5
New SystemJake Davis31
QUAD 2 OHM SUBJake Davis12
Wolfenhag 10 better then shiva?Hunter Warren4
Custom box for 2 12"s and 2 6x9 speakersJeff Loughrey5
Type r'sMark S4
Subwoofer Partsits_bacon124
DVC 6 Ohm subs . . .DVC64
DB crossfire subs??????????kmterry602
"daisy chain"?josh walton2
Cerwin Vegaskilla killa4
All help would be appreciated.Griffin50732
Gotta get rid of...Hunter Warren9
How does this sound?Jeff Loughrey15
Wiring my new system - HELPJake Davis2
Optima batteries?Roger O5
Finding enclosure tuning frequencyCake the snake4
Whats the difference in coils?sublime4202
?jamesT3337 lots of rain? Does it affect performance?eric5
Best 12" subs for Alpine MRP-M350!!!!Rob3154
All Expert Input.......Check This Out!!!!Joe Smoe12
Treo EngineeringJohn Donner6
Opinions on SPL brand subs and MMATS Juggernaut Subszacdavis~2
Subwoofer does it work???GlassWolf4
Anybody there?its_bacon126
Not getting the sound i wount can any1 help?adam venegas14
Finished my first boxits_bacon128
SPL brand and MMATS brand opinions PLEASESmackthathoe1
Jus wonderinGlassWolf2
A Different Kind of BassGlassWolf9
Sealed vs. PortedGlassWolf7
I'm looking to spend about 250-350 bucks on one sub. Any sugestions...darryl puller10
Help With Amptaylor174
Alpine swr-1241d Sealed or Ported????Michael Lee1
Box for RE X.X.X or Brahma 12"kronik14
Just out of curiositymorphine10
L7 vs. othersHunter Warren4
Kicker 10"L7 and hifonics ampZach Arritt7
Material for enclosureAn AUDIOBAHN Fan14
Cerwin Vega or Adire Shivasxxmdfmkxx4
Hey Hunter...........Hunter Warren4
All opinions would be helpfulKrijgy1
New boxadam perry1
Would my amp push this sub?Anonymous1
Good sound quality 10's at low prices?mo3
Powering my SubJames Longo4
Are they goodadam perry4
Hey type R owners?Mark S14
2 jl audio 15'sJames Longo2
Mtx subsRDS112
Tighter BassDaren6
RE SXAnonymous2
2 or 1taylor174
Quick Q bout a boxREDSKIN8
Sub?James Longo8
Just want a little informationjosh walton2
Deciding for 15" subwoofer...need pro opinionsZepp3
Sony Amps Really Do Explode!!!its_bacon1212
Elemental DesignsJuggalo Jeff5
Wheres fishy?Juggalo Jeff1
Glass what box do you think i should buildWahl7
How Should I Wire This?Pharoh8
Trunk Rattling to much HELP.Jeff Loughrey7
Need help Glass??GlassWolf17
Hey Glass or Jonathan?James Longo4
New idea to open up air flow from my trunk, let me know what you th...Griffin50715
No sound out of other sub???Pharoh6
GlassWolf or anyone elseKrijgy8
Maxima ownersThatGuyYouKnow9
How to Wire Subsjuggalo jeff4
5 Grand LimitDan K9
Sub ?Jonathan6
4 15 re sx box size help please!!!!Daniel Cruts8
RE 12" SX Mr_Kebo2
Amp for 13w7tips3
My systemJames Longo8
Comp subs?taylor173
Need Help picking out subJames Longo20
Break-In Time for SubsGlassWolf23
My Memphis 12"HPO HELP!!!!!James Longo4
Sub price...killer3
12" dual Enclosurexxmdfmkxx3
Port tubes needed!!!!Zepp2
600 dollars and two or three subs..what to do..what to do.............taylor1716
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