Custom 32" subwoofer for sale


i curently custom make 32" subwoofers watts:rms7000 max no limit with any amp 17000 with out amp will have pics in 2 weeks

email me if intrested

im interestedin yourspeakers and would like to know more if you could e mail me i would be thrilled.

I am also interested in this sub, please keep me updated!

You gotta be shittin me

I would like some pictures of that sub.

O MY GOD, Dude thats quite possable the coolest thing ive ever heard about, send me some pics and more info, i am very intersted.

hey for all intrested audiobahn makes a 5000 watt rms 34" sub check it out at

Check this cr@p out...its the audiobahn 34" with a guy standing next to it in a 9 cubic foot box! :) :) :)

i would like to know everything u know about making subwoofers. Also plz send me your pics to my email.
you must have like a 80lb magnet on that thing

I would like to know how to build your own woofers or ideas u can do for speaker boxes email me at

i would like some pics of the sub. My e-mail address is

I would like to know how to build subwoofers My email address is

i would like 2 know everything about making subwoofers and could u send me sum pics 2

I would like to try and make a sub could you let me every thing i need to know and could i see pics of those 32"s

i would like to buy a few of those 32' me thanks

How Much would that sub cost?!?!?!?!?!

costs now please


Same here post the price so i know if it is within my price range

that thing is huge.where would you put it?

thats the most asslicking sub ive ever heard of ive just made a 67" kickass sub it took me about 2 months to complete this baby and it is 10,000 watts rms and 20,000 peak now you tell me I think that that is the best sub iv ever heard and you now what i mean when i say heard ha ha this is dope im pounding it right now and my whole house is falling apart!!!!! hope i dont get a noise violation ha ha ha keep it pounding 2- 4 -7 PEACE


Kudos my man

my radioshack 8" will r0xor your mom

My optimus 8" r0Xx4rs everyones mommy

if you got a 67' sub send me a pic if you are just being a sh-t head then forget about it.

sorry my internet got dissconnected for awhile because i had to move who ever wanted the pics plz email me

your mom
you know what, i think your about stupid. even if somebody does buy the frickin sub, if they want to hear it at it's full potential they got to spend thousands of dollars on an amp for it, man your an idiot. oh, and mr. i've got a 67" sub- shut the hell up you aint got crap

Dominic L.
"you know what, i think your about stupid. even if somebody does buy the frickin sub, if they want to hear it at it's full potential they got to spend thousands of dollars on an amp for it, man your an idiot. oh, and mr. i've got a 67" sub- shut the hell up you aint got crap"

yah but some people have the money to throw around..


i'm interested in building subs also, if you could email me possibly that'd be great.
AIM- chromebeast101
Yahoo- " "

i am also interested in building subs so email me thanks

and the person with the 32" sub send some pics to thanks

hey i would like to buy some of thoses big assed speakers if all is good. please send me some pics of the 32" sub. you ever think about making a bigger one?

yo... why not just check out the new kicker solox 18 inch sub? its 5000 watts rms and 10000 watts peak. also, the sub can be taken apart easily and rebuilt.

Ya, I Am interested in your 32", but would it fit in a 95 Cavelier? How much will your sub cost? How big is the box? Please e-mail me at .. It would be Greatly Apriciated... Did I spell that right?? lol.. talk to you soon hopefully...

If an 18inch Sub can't do the trick you might want to check into rehab.

i want a pic of those subs also, they sound way too good to pass up!!

email me bout that 32 in sub @

Michael B.
Several companies have the reasearch and facilities to experiment with larger sub's; however, clarion, ect.ect. has yet to come up with one that sounds anygood, so remember kids, if it looks likeshit, tastes likeshit, smells likeshit, it must beshit. L8R

joey w
i bet two 12" type r subs would sound much better than your "home made sub"

companies put alot of money into reasearch and development..more than 2 mounths.

they are professionally tuned

calm down people.... It's just to say you have one.. bragging rights... it's not meant to be used by everyday people who are looking for quality sound

Krikey if you really have a 64 inch sub it would be so hevy your puny nerd arms couldnt lift it and it would cut your farking head off you are a discrace to car audio No anyaudio i have 1 12 but i dont lie

Yeah man ive got a 300000" sub it took me 2 seconds to build i have no balls its one million watts

Unregistered guest
2 questions. Where do you get a 32 inch sub and
how many banks do I need to rob so I can afford to buy one.

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audiobahn do a 34" sub and the rrp is $5999.

Unregistered guest
Michael. i am a senior in high school this year. and we have something called a senior project at our school. i told all of my friends that i planned on building a subwoofer. they all just laughed and said that it couldnt be done. i have been looking day and night for plans or something 2 help get me started on it. i would really appreciate it if you would give me sum tips on where to find them or anything. my email is thanks

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That reminds me of some "Back to the Future" ish! Where in the heck would you put that thing?? lol

I bet the response is horrible, probably won't hit anything above 40Hz!

know why you never hear about subs this big......
they sound like crap...and dont turn out to bet all that loud!!!

if you just have to have a huge sub, get a SoloX 18...hear they sound pretty good but you need a few KX1200.1 amps and bout 4 200amp

my opinion get a pair of desent 12's in a vented box....and a good amp....hook it up rite and youll be louder that most the people around you...

Unregistered guest
ahhh u know that audiobahn sub the 34", well any way i saw it for $5999 yes but i went shopping around wit the serial number and saw it at $2999 and i was like WoW talk about saving money...

shop around ppl all i have to say.
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