No sound from speakers!


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The speakers in my car seem to be very tempermental lately. When I got into my car a few weeks back to load it up to come home from college, the sound came from my radio no problem. Then, after I loaded it up and was ready to hit the road I got no more than ten feet down the road when I lost sound. Twenty minutes into my drive the sound came back! In the meantime, the only sounds that came from my speakers (front and rear) was occasional popping and cracking sounds.

Now, I assumed (because I don't know too much about car audio) that it was bad speakers so I went ahead and replaced them. I hooked up a new set of speakers last night with the proper wiring harnesses and alas no sound. I played with the wires a little bit and then the sound came on. I figured I'd fixed the problem. BUT when I got in my car this morning I had sound and then a couple feet down the road that was the end of my sound. The same thing happened on my way home from work.

What could possibly be going on here and what can I do to fix it? I really can't afford to hire someone to fix this for me!

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man it sounds like your radio is possesed you might want to check your speakers wire or your ground maybe theres dontact with something or even your ground is bad

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Simular Case.. Whenever i turned up my sterio i had a problem, it would cut out. Simple solution. Make sure all your speakers wires are touch one another (+-) it will creat a short and cut out when you give it some power. Another thing. check to make sure they are also not touching metal cause it will do the same problem. If that isnt the case then i advise buying a new head unit. there are many many options... A simple vibration could be shaking something loose on your head unit also.
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